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How to install/compile motion

For linux distributions without motion download and install the tar package. ntar and uncompress the file to the place you want the program installed. Recommended is to place the motion source file directory in /usr/local.

Before you start compiling be sure to have build essential installed: Now you have a directory called motion-3.2.X. You can rename it to motion (mv motion-3.1.X motion). I recommend creating a symbolic link to the current version. This way you can more easily experiment with different version simply by changing the link. Now change to the new directory Run configure. You can start with the defaults. If you need to modify the installation parameters you can read the next section. Build the code Install the code, manual page, etc In /etc/motion/ you will find a file called motion-dist.conf. If it is the first time you install Motion – rename this file to motion.conf and edit as a minimum the settings: videodevice, input, norm, frequency, width, height and target_dir. That should get you going. Run the program. To enable more features you must modify the config file.