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How to stream your cheap webcam to the net using windows


I usually do not do Windows at home, but a friend asked me how to set up a HTTP streaming webcam on this os. Download ether Webcam 7 or Webcam XP.
Be aware of what you click on when downloading, it is easy to get a lot of junkware...
Do custom install and unselect all the crap they want to install for your browser.
Use Webcam 7 as webcam XP will not work with Windows 7 64bit. The set up of Webcam 7 are much the same as Webcam XP (for Windows XP and Windows 7 32 bit users). After you install Webcam 7 you will have a choice of 3 settings, pick the first one "webcam 7 FREE (supports only 1 video source)".

Go to http://your_host:8080/cam_1.cgi (Firefox only) from any computer on your intranet and hopefully you can see what the camera see...

or you can Go to http://your_host:8080 if you are using some other browser or want to see a webpage with some more functionality.

Now go to the webcam 7 window on your desktop and select "Scheduler" and set what days/time and what action you want e.g. start motion detector.